Madman’s Choice – Vanity – 2017

VanityI don’t know if Madman’s Choice wants to sound heavy or not. Or if they want to sound “out there”. I think they succeed with the latter. It’s kinda in the terms of Stoner Rock and it sounds like a long psychosis. A mild psychosis that is. There are plenty of bands where you easily can use the metaphor “high as a kite” for describing the music. Vanity has just a tad of that. I think it’s angled a bit more at the alternative rock scene. Yet, it’s a bit too much for me to feel comfortable. I need more Heavy Metal riffs and strong melodies. It’s not bad at all but not really my cup of tea. What is alternative rock anyway? Is there a formula for this?

There’s a lot of vocal harmonies on Vanity. I don’t know if they have had Queen as an influence and I’m sure that there’s a lot of other bands using excessive vocal harmonies as well. I like this part. Great harmonies are always hard to find.

I’ve listened to it a few times by now and it grows on me. That’s good. I don’t think it will even become a great favorite though. It’s not really my cup of tea production wise. I will be interested in exploring future albums to be sure though. To cover the evolution of bands are fun and to follow them over time to hear differences is a true pleasure. For me, this is a good album, but I need something more to consider it great.

Vanity will be released 20171208.

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