In Memoriam – Fats Domino – 1928-2017

Fats DominoOnce upon a time, I collected as many classic songs as I could on cassette tapes. There were Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry of course. There was probably Bill Haley and there sure was Fats Domino. He was a true pioneer of rock n roll and it’s not hard to understand why if you take your time and listen to him. His piano playing might not be as distinctive as that of Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard. But I think Fats Domino was more musical. He knew that he didn’t need to make it look extraordinaire. It’s the music that talks to the audience, not artistry.

Fats Domino was not just a rock n roll pioneer though. He merged rock n roll with rhythm and blues and made it very successful. In his hands, it sounded very easy. I say in his hands because the boogie-woogie piano playing combined with his voice full of soul made the trick come true. Yet, it feels like Fats Domino is never included in the greats of the 50’s era. He should be! He was a true pioneer and songs like Blueberry Hill and Aint That a Shame was on my ‘classic’ tapes back in the day.

Fats Domino was 89 years old. Rest in Peace!

Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

Autodidact film scholar and music-loving thinker who reads the occasional book.

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