In Memoriam: Gösta Ekman 1939-2017

Gösta EkmanSad News indeed. To hear the one of your country most beloved actors has passed on is always depressing. Even more depressing is when it happens on April Fools Day. Not that anyone would make a joke about something like this but denial is in the human nature. The date certainly doesn’t oral-turinabol make it easier. But I guess there’s no escape. Gösta Ekman is dead.

Gösta Ekmans most famous quote must be “that he was famous already as a sperm”. Nothing could be more true. His father, Hasse Ekman was a well-known movie maker and his grandfather, with whom he shared the name Gösta was a legend in the acting business. He was born onto fame and born into the entertainment business that’s for sure.

I think most of us remember him from short skits as “Herr Gunnar Papphammar”. They were slapstick shorts shown on swedish television in the early 80’s. I was never too fond of these but everyone else seems to laugh until the tears came. Another success was undoubtably the series of movies called Jönsson-ligan. He played the head villain in he first movies as Charles Ingvar “Sickan” Carlsson. I know that this is a very loved part. Personally I think they’re ok.

For me his most memorable times was in collaboration with Hasse å Tage. Two giants in the entertainment business in Sweden. They did many movies together and are famous for their revues. He also played Martin Beck in a series of films in the 90s. These films are considered to be the best adaptions of Sjöwall/Walöö’s books.

Gösta Ekman was 77 years old. Rest in Peace

Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

Autodidact film scholar and music-loving thinker who reads the occasional book.

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