In Memoriam – Hasse Alfredson 1931-2017

Hasse AlfredssonThere’s few people in Swedish entertainment history that are better known than Hasse Alfredsson. I think he’s been loved by the people since the early 60’s when he collaborated with Tage Danielsson. This duo’s ideas and work has since then been somewhat of the basis of all Swedish comedy. They were the arch comedians of sorts. Of course there were people before them doing humor in Sweden but they were so productive and, I dare to say, pure geniuses! There were lots of thought through humor and improvisations combined into revues during the years to come. Tage Danielsson died in 1985 though and Hasse was on his own.

That didn’t stop him from being a productive writer, director and actor. As a writer, he’s written scripts and books. Often with humorous focus but not always. As a director, he’s directed movies and plays at the theater and as an actor he’s played about all kind of characters. Both comedic parts and real heavy dramas. I guess he will be remembered for the earlier work, for the legacy he founded with Tage Danielsson but that’s unfair. Hasse Alfredsson was and artist, auteur, writer and comedian by his own merits. It feels like the last of the true geniuses passed on now. I wish by childhood hero good luck on his onward journey and I hope he will meet his friend Tage Danielsson again. That was a wish he declared in an interview some years ago.

Hasse Alfredsson

Hasse Alfredsson was 86 years old, rest in peace

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