In Memoriam – Janne “Loffe” Carlsson 1937-2017

Janne Loffe CarlssonOnce again it’s time to take farewell of a person that’s been there all my life. An actor and musician that I loved for the personality he  oozed. There is no doubt in my mind that Janne Loffe Carlsson was a really nice man. I know that he lived not far away from where I was raised. But I never ran into him, it would have been quite possible of course.

Janne loffe carlsson drummerJanne Loffe Carlsson was to me first an actor. It wasn’t until later that I realized that he was also a first class musician. Drums were his main instrument and as I understand it, he was very good at it too. I can’t really tell how many album he has played on because I don’t know but I do know that Janne Loffe Carlsson played drums with Jimi Hendrix on occasion. That’s kind of big in my world.

But as I said. For me he was an actor. First and foremost a comedic actor but he did serious parts as well. He was very well loved here in Sweden. He was part of us. Many of us couldn’t imagine a time and place without him. There’s a funny thin about his nickname “Loffe”. This actually came from a part in a miniseries he played in 1973. His character’s name was indeed “Loffe” and he was then stuck with it. That’s what I call making an impact with his acting talent!

And I don’t think that he was subjected to any limitations because of it. You know as some other actors that do a role so well that they never get to play anything else ever again. Kind of like Bela Lugosi and the Dracula character.

Janne loffe carlsson någonstans i sverige

It’s with a sad heart that I take my farewell of one of my constant reference points in life. But Nothing last forever and I hope you’ll have a continuous great time wherever you are. Thanks for the inspiration!

Janne Loffe Carlsson was 80 years old. Rest in Peace

Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

Autodidact film scholar and music-loving thinker who reads the occasional book.

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