In Memoriam – Umberto Lenzi – 1931-2017

Umberto LenziIt’s kinda sad really. Umberto Lenzi was a really good filmmaker and did movies in all kind of genres. Maybe he wasn’t a master of them all but he was close enough to make fine movies in every aspect. The sad thing is that he’s most known for the cannibal film Cannibal Ferox, a movie that supposedly was banned in as many as 31 countries. If that’s true or if it was a way to market the movie is another story. But Umberto Lenzi hated the movie. He hated Cannibal Ferox.

I saw an interview with him, some extra material on one of his movies. There he stated his hatred for it and other cannibal movies too for that matter. But, he also admitted that it was income bringing and that it allowed him to explore other projects with the earnings. So, it was, in fact, a love/hate relationship. Artistry vs money I guess. I always liked the movie of course. I haven’t seen it in a lot of years though so I guess I should leave it at that.

Umberto Lenzi was 86 years old. Rest in Peace.

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