My Little Eye – 2002 – Big Brother sees you!

My little Eye

I remember when My Little Eye first came out. It was pretty hated by horror film fans out there. I, for one, actually liked it. A few weeks ago I decided to re-watch it to see if I was “wrong” back then or if I actually still liked it. To be honest, My Little Eye is a somewhat “dumb” film. The acting isn’t much to brag about and there aren’t enough brutality in it. I still like the basic premise though. It’s pretty horrifying that there could exist a place where people are taken just for other to see them die.

This have been explored by other movies of course. I think the most known examples nowadays is the Hostel trilogy. People pays to torture och pay for seeing other beeing tortured. My Litte Eye is a bit different though. The participants don’t know that they are participating in such a bloody game. They all think that they’re in a “regular” reality show where the winner can win really big bucks. But appearently, not only sex sells, death sells as well.

This is a one by one gets killed kind of movie. You realize of course that not everything is what it seems but I won’t tell any of the secrets here. But what did I think? Did I think like it? Well.. Yes! The concept is frightening even if the execution of the plot could have been dome better.

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