Mythica – The Necromancer – 2015


With the background of what we learned in the previous part of Mythica, the subtitle might refer both to the antagonist and the protagonist. The Antagonist is, of course, the unspeakable evil Necromancer that seeks the Darkspore. The other one is Marek. If I hade to choose I’d place my money on Marek though. It seems that she evolves and gets more control of her powers even if she doesn’t fully understand them yet. On the other hand, who really understands anything when it comes to magic and Fantasy? There’s an epithet when it comes to these quite simplified, good vs evil, fantasy movies. Nothing is really what it seems. The hero always have something up his sleeve to defeat the darkness in the end.

But since this third part of the Mythica epos is more or less transportation we won’t get to see the conclusion just yet. Just keep that in mind. Also, please understand that when I say transportation I don’t mean that this part isn’t important for the plot. It most certainly is! But at the same time there’s kinda a side-story told in this one.

Thane gets captured and the other of the gang set s out to find an artifact that Thane’s captor want in return for his life. That means that the great evil Necromancer Szorlok isn’t that prominent in this part. He’s still pretty important though. Oh, and yes…Kevin Sorbo has a little more screentime. Not som much but still very important to the whole story.

If you do like me, see one new film in the series every day, you might be a little tired of the mood by now. That might also be why I think this isn’t quite as good as the previous parts. We’ve seen much of it before, even in this film series.

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