Nita Strauss – Controlled Chaos – 2018

Controlled Chaos

When I wrote about Nita Strauss’s latest album, The Call of the Void, I knew that she had another album out there already – Controlled Chaos. I hadn’t listened to it but since I was so happy with the sound on the new album I decided to give it a spin. Controlled Chaos is actually a very good album name. Because that’s what it sounds like. Nita is a mean guitarist and she lets the whole world know it! To me, it gets a little too much. There are a lot of shredding to be sure, but not enough nuances. There are high-tempo songs with amazing guitar parts but I would have liked something more mature. It’s not bad by any means but gets a little boring after a while. If I wanted to listen to guitar masturbation, there are plenty of them out there and this doesn’t really stand out among the competitors.

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