Ouija The Summoning aka You will kill – 2015

Ouija the summoning you will kill the devils game

On the copy I’ve got of Ouija The Summoning, it’s called something else. The name on my DVD is Ouija the Devils game. And I realize that it’s also called You Will Kill. That is actually a very good title since the plot is about these three teenagers playing around with an Ouija board. They summon a spirit that eventually seems to come to life. At least it’s a spirit that can be seen by the main character, the haunted one. The reason behind it is pretty lame. The girl mocks the spirit and says something stupid like “once a murderer, always a murderer”. I can’t remember the exact words but that’s basically it. This makes the spirit very vindictive and hostile.

Ouija the summoning is quite cheesy and to begin with, I wasn’t too impressed. I thought it was pretty bad acting and that the story was told in a clumsy way. But the more I saw I realized that the scary moments are really… scary. There are effective moments designed to be scary and I think those scenes work quite well. It will not make me jump out of my socks but I think it’s really effective. If you sit in a dark room terrified of what’s outside and suddenly realize that the real terror is inside the room. You will get scared. If you’re looked in and can’t escape you will be even more afraid. That’s my opinion anyway.

Going back to the alternate title You Will Kill. That’s a good title because that’s what the spirit wants, th get the main character to kill and to prove a point. A killer is not just a killer all the time. There are circumstances around every situation in life (and death). Ouija the summoning tells this well. It might not be a stunning movie but I think it’s worth a few bucks and I can say that I was pretty impressed by some of the scenes.

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