Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Kings of the Asylum – 2023

Kings of the Asylum

Kings of the Asylum is the third full-length studio album by Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. It’s not my first time hearing them but I can’t say I have followed the career of former Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell since the demise of Motörhead. As far as I remember the album, or possibly the EP I heard before was really good and had a very recognizable sound. A sound that was logical for a long-time member of the world’s loudest Rock and Roll band to assume.

Well, here they are again with a new album and I think the sound has been somewhat refined on Kings of the Asylum. It’s not that really raw sound anymore. You could say that the sound production is a little softer. Not the music, just the sound if you know what I mean. If it was very edgy before it’s more rounded now.

But the music is good and I really like the effort that has been put into this album. Not every song is a hit, that is seldom the case with any album. But already when I’ve only listened to it once I have a couple of favorite tracks. Sometimes that doesn’t happen until the fourth or fifth time you listen to an album. With that said, Kings of the Asylum has every chance to grow further on you when you listen to it more and more. I know I will repeat it again right now!

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