Primal Fear – Code Red – 2023

Code Red

Once in a while, you can actually see on the album cover what kind of music it is. Code Red by Primal Fear is such an album. At least in part. I mean, you can certainly tell that it’s some kind of Heavy/Power Metal. Now, Power Metel is usually pretty fast played with raging guitar runs and superfast scales. But every band cannot be Dragonforce or Statovarious. With that said. Primal Fear, is not superfast, at least not on Code Red. They are still very melodic though, and I really like the riffs to begin with.

The problem is that it never evolves beyond that first impression. It stays in the same mindset and after half an hour you cannot tell the song apart anymore. At least that was what I thought. To be frank, I was almost relieved when the album ended and I could go and listen to something else. The songs individually are really great and I like the melodic riffs a lot. But as an album, Code Red didn’t work for me.

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