Putrescence – The Wrath to Conquer all – 2022

The Wrath to Conquer all

Neither Putrescence nor The Wrath to Conquer All was something I never heard about before. I guess you should call it Death Metal but it’s not that fast or heavy. To me, it’s more like they tried a little too much to sound “dangerous”. It’s not bad by any means but the vocal kills the joy of listening to it for me. It’s way too shouty and almost Black Metal-ish. Sometimes crossing the lines to becoming whispering or hissing. Not really my cup of the.

The music itself, apart from the vocals is a bit too monotone for my tastes and not really riff-driven. Maybe it’s not a Death Metal album after all, maybe it has more to do with Black Metal. It’s a shame I can’t hear the lyrics but I can live with it. It’s highly questionable if I ever give The Wrath to Conquer All another chance though. There is too much other stuff to discover out there so I have to limit my experience with some of the stuff I listen to.

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