Pyewacket – 2017 – Occult Horror

PyewacketMy wife and I usually don’t have the same taste when it comes to movies. It’s really strange because we’re both into horror movies. Anyway, the other day my wife surprised me with four movies. She had found the trailers online and I was supposed to choose one of them to see. After watching all of the trailers, my choice fell on Pyewacket. Partly because of the trailer of course, but I also thought the cover art was so cool. I know you should never judge, or choose, move based on the cover but I couldn’t help myself.

Pyewacker was obviously an Occult horror film and I haven’t seen one of those in a long time. This would be interesting. Based on the trailer it seemed pretty suspensive as well. And there were actually a couple of scenes in there where I couldn’t see where things were going. That’s pretty unusual these days. The acting is quite nice and since there are so much occultism and even rituals this suits me perfectly. I have never heard of a being or force called Pyewacket though.

After seeing the movie I’m still not sure what it is. What I understood is that if you summon this “thing” you need to be very certain of what you wish for. It’s also clear that if you don’t stop it in time you’ll be its final victim in one way or another. The film has a little to low pace though. The first half or so was kinda uninteresting. Things got better ones all the background had been revealed and the ritual had been performed. Suddenly you can start to question the sanity of the main character and see where things are going.

I wasn’t entirely sure all the time how the movie would end, but it followed one of my theories. At times, there was a bit uncertainty about it. And, unfortunately, some loose ends are still – loose ends, when the movie ends.  I usually don’t mind that at all, since most can be figured out anyway. The strongest plot of a movie is the interpretation you do in your own head anyway. If you don’t have that, it’s usually a pretty weak film. Don’t you hate it when then show you exactly everything at the end? I need to make up my own mind about something. I need to interpret.

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