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Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood is a perfect example of that you should conclude your own opinions rather than listening to someone else. I realize that it’s an odd statement coming from a critic but essentially that’s the truth. You should always form your own opinion and never let anyone decide what you should think. I haven’t heard anything positive about Last Blood at all but I thought it was really good. It might actually be the best in the entire series!

First of all, Sylvester Stallone portrays an old man with a black past like no one else could. For his entire career, he has looked “slow” and like he’s about to fall asleep at any second. In this role, in this movie, that is perfect! Think about it. Wouldn’t the life that John Rambo has lived during the last four movies give him the right to look a bit worn? But that’s only a part of what makes this movie so great in my opinion. For the first time, we get to experience emotions. Of course, there were some of this in the original First Blood movie back in the early eighties, but not like this. Back then we could feel sorry for him because he got bullied by the local police. He ran into the woods and killed whoever came after him.

In Last Blood, it’s a much stronger feeling. At least I feel that life could give some slack to John Rambo after all these years. We learn that he has taken care of a girl – Gabrielle – for a few years and that he considers himself to be her father, at least as far as protection and responsibility go. And the feeling is mutual even if she calls him uncle John. Their bonds are so strong you can feel it in the gut and it hurts when you realize that it all is going to snap.

When Gabrielle finds out where her biological father is she travels to Mexico, against Rambos’ will. to confront him. That was a mistake of course. We get that all along as an audience. And, no doubt, John Rambo set after her to bring her home. Pretty straight forward you might say? Well, on one hand – yes! But as it turns out it wasn’t so easy after all. John Rambo may be a tough son-of-a-bitch, but he can’t fight a whole gang of bad guys alone and without any weapons. Up to this moment, the story has been very emotional mainly because of the bond between John and Gabrielle. Now it turns into vengeance. xxx hot movies

Not at any point does Last Blood seem slow-paced or uninteresting. The first part is there to set the characters and the last part is to show off what a badass John Rambo still is. Make no mistake, his revenge will echo on into the history of revenges. It’s very brutal but a tad too quick I think. This is one of those rare occasions when you would like the film to be longer. Usually, they can’t keep up the suspense or the interesting action all the way to the end but here is an example of the opposite.

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