Randall Bramblett – Juke Joint at the Edge of the World – 2017

Juke Joint at the Edge of the WorldYou know, the reason for mentioning the album name so many times, and especially in the first paragraph, has to do with SEO and is not really information for you. This is Juke Joint at the Edge of the World and the artist is Randall Bramblett. Did you get that? Juke Joint at the Edge of the World. Long title and I don’t really know what it means. Not that I really care either.

I got the suggestion about this when I listened to George Thorogood’s latest album Party of One. Since I never heard about this and I dug that Party on one Album to an extent. I knew that I needed to explore. I’m glad I did. Juke Joint at the Edge of the World is a really good album and I like the blues-rock feeling in it. Maybe it’s an album that doesn’t stick to you from the first moment you hear it. Well, actually I liked it from the very beginning. But it wasn’t until I heard it a few more times I started to realize that I needed to spread the word.

Apparently, Randall Bramblett is a multi-instrumentalist and has worked as a session- and touring musician for thirty years as well as a solo artist and songwriter. This is the first I hear from him but I figure I will hear more in the future. It’s a name I will add to my blues-rock frame of reference. Sometimes suggestion algorithms work pretty nice on the streaming services that are so modern these days. I won’t be a reactionist anymore. I’ll embrace technology (or something like that).

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