Red Notice – 2021 – Oneliners and action + some heist

Red Notice

Red Notice is one of those movies where you get exactly what you expect! If you’ve seen a few movies with Ryan Reynolds you know what kind of one-liners movies he’s usually in and you know that Dwayne Johnson is usually in big productions. If you combine these two elements you get Red Notice. It’s big and it’s loud but also very funny. At least that’s true for me! But If you’re not a fan of Deadpool humor or the funny one-liners that Ryan Reynolds usually uses in interviews you might find it a little silly. You also might find that he doesn’t know when to stop, when it’s not funny anymore. For me, he’s always on the right side of the line in Red Notice though.

Ryan Reynolds plays an art thief with something that you might consider an inferiority complex. He’s very cocky and claims he’s the best at what he’s doing in the entire world, that he has no match. No one can plan a heist just the way he can. Dwayne Johnson on the other hand is on the opposite side of the law. He’s the hero here and destined to bring the thief down. That means that there is more than one occasion where there’s kinda a cat-and-mouse chase over the world. But only that wouldn’t be a very entertaining movie would it? No, they have to reluctantly pair up when another player shows up. You guessed it. It’s Gal Gadot. She can do more than just Wonder Woman if you were in doubt.

Now there are three players chasing the same thing. Ryan Reynolds does it just to prove that he’s the best (plus that he really likes money). Dwayne Johnson wants to clear his name and Gal Gadot just wants to get her hands on the loot. What you get is an action-comedy for sure. It might not be the deepest film to go down in history but I like it and it’s very entertaining. If you look for underlying messages and stuff like that you should probably look elsewhere. And there is nothing we haven’t already seen here. It’s not unique in any way. But that’s also the beauty of it. You don’t need to think. You can just watch it and be entertained by the stupid (but funny) action scenes and plot changes.

You will probably see those plot changes coming a mile away, but if you don’t? Good for you! It’s always better to be a little surprised over the chain of events that brings the final denouement. For me, I wasn’t too surprised and I pretty much got it figured out when the final scenes were played out. But it doesn’t matter. It was the way there that was the entertaining part for me.

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