Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt – 2003

return to the batcave the misadventures of adam and burtI am a big fan of Batman the movie from 1966. It wasn’t good but it was great fun! And The intent of the movie and original series for that matter was purely entertainment in my mind. The suits were tacky and the jokes were even worse. That’s probably why I like it som much. And there was the text signs that said POW, BANG and KAPOSCH. So cool! So what to expect from Return to the batcave some 40 years later? Is this a sequel? No, I wouldn’t call it that. And it’s not a batman adventure either.

The story is about Adam West and Burt Ward playing themselves. They are invited to this charity ball where the old and original batmobile is displayed. The lights go out and suddenly the car is stolen. It’s now up to Adam and Burt to find the lost batmobile. The chase takes them around town to different location where they can remember the past. In these flashback we of course see Adam and Burts younger alter egos played by other actors. It’s fun to see those moment even if there’s no way to tell if these memories are genuine or written for this flick.

Burt keeps delivering his one liners and Adam thinks he’s larger than life. That’s about it. The story line is sparse but it’s great fun watching these actors overplay their parts once again. Eventually they will find out who their enemy is. Return to the Batcave also features classic batman villans so it’s just to take your pick. This is not the movie for you if you’re into the recent Christopher Nolan film about batman. Nor if you’re into the earlier batman series initiated by Tim Burton. No, you need to be a fan of cult history. This is the movie were these old stars gets a new shot at the limelight.

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