Rogue One – 2016 – A Star Wars Story

Rogue OneA long time ago in a galaxy far away… Well, doesn’t all Star Wars films start in the same way? I think this approach is a stroke of genius actually. To put the story in the past rather than the future. This might very well be the one thing that divides Star Wars from all the other  Sci-Fi flicks out there. It’s also a long continuous saga that soon will span over even more adventurous time. Rogue One is a bit of center though. It’s not part of the straight forward plot but still it concerns one of the main building block in the first movie (episode IV).

Rogue One takes place before the original movie but after Episode III and tells the story of how the rebels come across the blueprints to the original death star. The actors are not as famous as in the main films but I think they do a good job. Their at least as good as in any of the other films. The film itself doesn’t seem to be as though through as the other movies though. I think we can call this an intermission while we’re waiting for episode VIII.

Still it’s a very competent story told. There are no mention of  Skywalker and Darth Vadar are very sparsely in there. He is of course voiced by James Earl Jones and that’s good enough for me! A nice flick that I don’t regret seeing but not the best film in the series. Or little beside the series. It’s a side story that it not needed to comprehend the whole story.

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