Sacred Reich – Independent – 1993


I’ve listened to Sacred Reich’s Independent numerous times now, trying to find qualities that just aren’t there. I’m sorry but I can’t find the great moments that were on The American Way. Neither musically nor lyrically. It’s a shame really. The American Way is a true masterpiece and might be the best album of the 90s. But Independent doesn’t live up to it at all. It’s not bad by any means, there’s just not that edge to it. I don’t feel anything when listening to it. The melodies aren’t there though there are a few songs with great riffs in them you never really get into the album. There are no really recognizable songs on it.

The production is not as good either. It should be better than the band’s earlier effort but compared to The American Way there’s really not much to say. While The American way had a very “dry” sound and was really really tight. The bass on Independent grows and creates this kind of murky sound image. I am very sensitive to swollen bass so I have a hard time forgiving this. But at the same time, I realize that the band cannot continue with the same sound philosophy forever. It’s an ok album I guess, but I keep comparing it to what Sacred Reich released before and just can come over it. Of course, if you like the way Phil Rind sings, and who doesn’t, you will find some satisfaction in Independence. But for me, it just doesn’t cut it.

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