Sade – Soldier of Love – 2010

Soldier of Love

When I was in my youth and bought most of my vinyl records, there was this album by Sade that was always present. It wasn’t Soldier of Love for sure, and I can’t remember the title. but it was always there in every sales bin. Everywhere. I never thought much about it. I was beginning my journey as a metalhead and had very little interest in this singer back then. This was in the 80s mind you, so it was a long time ago.

I have since then developed a more eclectic taste and I listen to all kinds of music these days. Out of every genre, I think there’s at least one album I like. Of course, my main preferences are always there, but I don’t categorically deny the presence of any one artist och genre from my consciousness. There are some genres that are harder to appreciate than others for me of course. R&B is such a genre.

Now, I don’t know much about the genre, or if Sade belongs there or in the Soul genre. Maybe a little bit of both? Anyway, A few years back I stumbled across a Sade record. It might even have been the same one that I saw in the sales bins back in the day. I listened to it and I really liked it! Of course, there are so much music and so little time that I haven’t gone back to listen to Sade again after that – until now.


I regret not starting to listen to Sade earlier. Soldier of Love is a really nice album. There are several songs that stick out for me and the overall quality, both of the compositions and the performances is really enjoyable. This is the kind of music I could just sit down and listen to and do nothing else. It’s very uncommon these days to just listen to music without doing something else at the same time. I seldom do it. Either I drive my car or clean the house or even work with something. Music is usually more of a background thing for me these days. Some kinds of music are more suitable for certain uses of course. I wouldn’t relax to a heavy metal album and I wouldn’t get the energy to workout, by a low-tempo R&B/Soul record.

But the melodies are great, I like Sade’s voice and it makes me relaxed. That is a good thing in the stressful world many of us live in these days. I really like Soldier of Love and I sure will explore more albums by Sade in the future!

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