Satanic Warmaster – Aamonganr – 2022


I should have realized that Aamongandr was a black metal album when I saw those upside-down crosses in the unreadable logo. But I didn’t. I just thought that Satanic Warmaster was a cool band name and that the werewolf image was nice artwork—enough to get me interested. And, donät misunderstand me; I don’t have anything against black metal. It just takes a little more for me to enjoy it. It’s usually the vocals that ruin it for me. But although Satanic Warmaster has high-pitched hissing, whispering, and shouting vocals, I feel ok with it. I can even hear the lyrics in some parts. And I also feel that it’s kinda melodic at times. I usually don’t like just a wall of sound, and I feel that Aamongandr is more than that. Not my favorite black metal album of all time, but certainly not the worst.

A fun thing about it is that my prejudiced mind immediately connected Aamongandr to a Norwegian black metal band. But when I checked on it, Satanic Warmaster is actually Finnish!

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