#Screamers – 2016 – Kinda scary at times

#ScreamersI feel like #Screamers isn’t a bad film actor wise. It’s kinda hard to say since it’s basically a film where someone gets interviewed or by some other means tells their story to a camera. We get to follow this company that collects info about their visitors to get them the best experience possible. I guess that companies collecting data on its customers’ internet habits aren’t such a new thing. Especially since there been a huge scandal about it in the last few weeks. In #Screamers at least they don’t try to hide it. It’s all part of the concept and the customers seem to be ok with it.

This company needs traffic of course. They want to make money and traffic and hits ate the way to do that. Nothing odd about that, it’s the way things work in the real world anyway. At least when income is generated from commercials in one way or another. But I guess the revenue should increase anyway, so regardless of where the income comes from it needs to increase over time.

Suddenly, someone sends in an anonymous clip to the editorial staff. It’s about someone walking on the cemetery.  Seems a bit odd and unusual and very suspenseful. Up to the moment where a horrifying scream interrupts the suspense. We’ve all seen this kind of clips on Facebook or Youtube. We are lured in to concentrate us on a film sequence and then something suddenly appears and scare the crap out of us.

Anyway, the clip is posted on the company’s platform and goes viral. Some of the comments claim that the woman in the clip is a person that got lost a few years ago. This cannot go uninvestigated. The main characters track down who sent in the clips. Yes, I said clips because there are more than one at this point. They somehow get hold of this person on the phone. It seems to be the same woman that was reported lost those years ago. But something doesn’t seem to be right. The need for going to the woman’s location rises. What will they find there? Is everything really natural about these clips or is indeed an unearthly being behind it all?

Bottom Line

Despite the total grading I set for the movie I thought it was quite effective. Unfortunately still a bit boring.

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