Silver Fist – Fé Ciega – 2016 – Spanish Thrash Metal

fé ciegaOnce upon a time, I bought some records by a Spanish hard rock group Baron Rojo. I could hardly understand the lyrics. I mean that a few words here and there were obvious but the whole concept was a secret to me. If was a lyric sheet in the albums is a mystery right now. But I didn’t have the ambition to understand anyway. Now, thirty somewhat years later, I listened to this album Fé Ciega by the Spanish band Silver Fist and can hardly understand anything. My ambition is higher these days but on the other hand, I have less time. That makes the positives and the negatives of the calculation exactly zero.

There is, however, better translation tools available these days and I can quickly determine that Fé Ciega means something like Blind Faith. If that is a title that goes together with the lyrics goes beyond me though. I have no idea what the lyrics are about and I don’t care.

For me, this album is about the music. Fé Ciega is filled with interesting riffs and passages that I really like. The music is driven forward by the guitars which is exactly what I want. That’s what I like best in thrash metal. The singer is good even though I can’t understand what he’s singing about. There’s no growl and no screaming which is a very good start in my book. I like this a lot and I must recommend it to all fans of classic (melodic) thrash metal.

For me, this is near perfection. The only thing that could better the experience is a deeper understanding of the lyrics. But I won’t learn Spanish, or any other language at my age to get closer to the true meaning. Maybe if there were an app to feed the music through and get the translated version as a result. But on the other hand, that would be an alteration that I won’t be comfortable with anyway. Better keep it as it is. This is a great album no questions about it!

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