Slaughter in San Francisco – 1974 – Chuck Norris (sorf of)

Slaughter in San Francisco

All movie actors has done films early in their career. That is natural of course but it’s fun to track down these early roles and see those first parts. Chuck Norris was never a great actor but like many others he managed to create a name for himself in the movies business anyway. If this is because of the roles he has portrayed or his martial arts skills can be debated. There is something about his persona that’s interesting and I’ll leave it at that. Slaughter in San Francisco

I never heard of this movie before when I ordered it. I soon realized that this is one of those Hong Kong flicks that also go under another name. Slaughter in San Francisco also goes under the title Yellow Faced Tiger and a few more titles as well. There are a couple in chinese that I don’t know how to translate but there are a few other cool ones as well. In Peru it was called La venganza del Super Octagon which translates to The Revenge of the Super Octagon. I suspect that this was conceived after the success with the Octagon. Well I don’t know. But I have one more title for you. Apparently one alternative title is Chuck Norris vs. the Karate Cop. Really cool!

There’s not much cool about the film itself though. It’s a pretty boring story about a cop or ex-cop investigating his best friends death. This leads him to a criminal played by Chuck Norris. He doesn’t have much screen time and he is dubbed with some funny voice. There are a couple of non fighting scenes with him but the focus should be on the end fight. The fight between the cop and the criminal. It’s not a spoiler because if you’ve seen some movies before you should see it coming from a mile away.

Boring and badly synced Hong Kong action. Don’t bother…


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