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I listen to a whole lot of music but it’s only on occasion I have enough energy to write something like a review about it. I thought I would take this opportunity to very quickly describe what I have been listening to in the last week without going into any depth. But first, some background.

When I was very young I listened mostly to what was played on the radio at the time. Later I began to despise that kind of music and at one point in my life, I became a metalhead. That was many years ago too now. These days I listen to just about everything. Some genres do contain fewer gems in my mind than others and I still often prefer Metal music och Folk really. There’s something about a lone troubadour with an acoustic guitar just singing.

With that in mind, here it goes…

In the past week, I listened to a lot of different stuff. I got the new Iron Maiden album Senjutsu, which I reviewed here in the blog. I’ve also listened a great deal to Alice Cooper which is a long-term favorite of mine. I like both the band era and the solo work. Of course, I have my favorites and I have reviewed some of the albums here. I plan to go through them all eventually. Something more atypical for me has been K-pop bands like Blackpink and EXO. Band I never heard about before but was kinda cool sounding. Some of the lyrics were in Korean and Chinese I believe but I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics anyway.

I also learned that tattoo artist Kat Von D made an album so I got to get my hold on that. It was a real disappointment. I didn’t like it at all. I thought she’d be a rocker but it was rather soft and too modern-sounding pop for me. I will probably never listen to that again. But of course, like anything else, you never can really tell. Maybe I get the feeling again in a couple of years.

Chris De Burgh seldom qualifies for disappointments and I liked the album Home, which was some of his existing songs in an acoustic arrangement. Pretty cool and his voice carries his melodies just like they always do. You can have options about his cheezy lyrics if you like but I kinda like them. I hadn’t heard this particular album before so it was fun with something new. From a friend I got a tip that I should listen to Jhene Aiko because she was supposedly great. I could find the charm in it and the album I choose – Chilombo was way too monotonic for me. I need a little more energy, at least if I’m not listening to something strictly in the background to get rid of the silence.

Just as atypical for me is Kelly Rowland, whose album Talk a Good Game became an acquaintance this week. There were some nasty and under-the-belt lyrics in there which kinda made med choke on my morning coffee. But I liked the sound. Cool R&B and an album I could revisit sometime again. Maybe not in a while but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Finally, I got my hands on country artist Keith Urban’s album Fuse. There were some great songs on there but 16 songs were a bit too many and the playing time was a bit too long. I was totally bored before it was over and almost wished it would crash so I could enjoy the silence again. Oh, and there is Lesbian Bed Death, whatever that band name really means… I kinda like their album The Plague Sessions which contains a cover of Alice Coopers Chop, Chop, Chop by the way.

I think I’m done for this time now…

Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

Autodidact film scholar and music-loving thinker who reads the occasional book.

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