Sonic the Hedgehog – 2020 – based on SEGA classic!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Let me tell you a story about me and my history with SEGA games. When I was in the military back in the early 90s we used to play those games during our breaks. I guess I was the fondest of it because it was always me who rented it. This was long ago and you could actually rent both the play unit and the games. Anyway, once there were no units available for rent and I was devastated. To solve the dilemma I bought one. I got a couple of games and one of them was Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s still one of the better games to come for the SEGA Mega Drive I think.

I don’t think I was ever too good at it though. The goal was to run fast as hell with this Sonic Character and collect rings. If you could collect them all or at least more than a given number you were given a bonus. That’s what I remember it as anyway. The main goal was of course for Sonic the Hedgehog så defeat his enemy – Dr. Robotnik. I never conquered the whole game so I can’t say what happened at the very end, but for each level that I did finish, Dr. Robitnik came back and you had to destroy him again and again. Like a normal level boss.

In this movie, there’s a little background to Sonic. He comes from another world where he’s hunted for his powers. He then escapes by using the rings to another world, our world. I guess I’m not the target group for this movie being almost 50 years old but I really like the premises. I was afraid that it would be too childish or ruin my memories from my youth playing the game. The flick does neither. It makes Sonic into a likable character and his sidekick into a hero. The animation is quite beautiful and I know I was impressed by the graphics in the game I used to play, back in the day as well.

Speed matters

In comes Dr. Robotkik. At first, I didn’t see who it was. I just thought that I recognized the actor. But then it hit me – it’s Jim Carrey! I was a bit surprised since I haven’t seen anything with him in for a very long time and he acted just like he was still Ace Ventura. Sae mimics as back then. He looks young and virile and I think he works in the role of the genius Dr. Robotnik. He does overact quite a bit and I guess that could make me feel a little bit off, but it works most of the time. After all, the target group is kids and a little cartoonish acting never killed anyone. Especially since this is a half-animated film anyway.

I think it’s good fun and the speed of Sonic is the focus of the narrative. I think there’s just the right balance of Sonic being alone and the human sidekick befriends him and more or less gets BFF with him. I also like the ending where Tails shows up. Sequel anyone?



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