Super Duper Alice Cooper – 2014

Super Duper Alice Cooper

I’m never first with reviewing stuff. Well actually I am sometimes but usually not. Especially when I come to big commercial things. For some special interest stuff, I can be first and alone to write about it in the whole world. Alice Cooper is kinda one of my special interests though, but Super Duper Alice Cooper is kinda “big” and very commercial. I’m sure there are loads of reviews out there so why should I write yet another one. Well, I think I just answered that Alice Cooper is a special interest of mine-

Super Duper Alice Cooper is, of course, a documentary. I didn’t really realize what it was about until I saw it though. Obviously I knew it was about Alice Cooper but I didn’t know how the format would be and what it would focus on. There’s a lot of documentaries that basically are just interviews jammed together in a long line to fill the time frame of the documentary. Sometimes it’s followed by interesting footage and narrator. I don’t really care about the format that much. The important thing is that it’s interesting and that you learn something from it.

If the subject is very interesting and has been so for many years you might already know much of what you otherwise could learn. In this case, I knew quite a lot beforehand. Of course, there were some facts or some new angles to view the information from but most came as no surprise. I noticed that the Quija-board explanation of the name Alice Cooper was used. This is a quite common story but not used all the time by Alice Cooper himself. I’ve heard variations and a few other stories as well. I was hoping that Super Duper Alice Cooper would stay away from the clichés. But on the other hand, I guess Alice Cooper is a bit about clichés so it’s unavoidable.

The main focus is on Vincent Furnier/Alice Coopers’ health issues or past health issues. Nowadays he seems to be in better shape than ever. When I write this he is 72 years old and still tours the world with his shows. Both as Alice Cooper and The Hollywood Vampires. But as I said. The documentary focus on a period when Vincent became Alice and almost perished under the pressure. He went from being sober and straight to being an alcoholic. From a successful career to falling apart mentally and emotionally. We get to see the worst times and hear interviews with Alice himself and a few other important people.

I think that it was an interesting documentary because of the subject. I wish I would have learned more though. And I think that the things you won’t learn only tell you half the story. There are more questions after the film is over than it was before it began. It would be good for a sequel to have cliffhanger questions of course. But I doubt that there’ll be a sequel to Super Duper Alice Cooper anyway.

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