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The Bigfoot Trap 0

The Bigfoot Trap – 2023

When I first started to watch The Bigfoot Trap I couldn’t take it too seriously. It was something with the opening scenes that didn’t exactly ooze confidence of quality. You’ll notice that too if you choose to see it. And I think that you should! Now only if you’re a fan of Bigfoot movies. I know there are a lot of them out there and I, myself, have only seen a handful of them. With...

Octogames 0

The Octogames – 2022 – An American Squidgame?

It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? It’s evident that Octogames more or less has stolen the premise from the very successful South Korean series Squidgame. There are too many things going on for it to be a coincidence. First of all, an octopus isn’t that far away from Squid. I know it’s not strictly the same species but they both have arms or tentacles, right? Second, the film centers around children’s games with a...