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Black Metal 0

Venom – Black Metal – 1982

Black Metal was the first album I ever heard with Venom and I think that the anecdote I wrote about in the Welcome to Hell review was actually about this album. It’s not hard to recognize the sound created on the first album and the quality is still pretty bad. Yet, it’s lightyears apart. You can actually hear what’s going on, on this album. I’ve always loved the title track and I believe that is...

Welcome to Hell 0

Venom – Welcome to Hell – 1981

Not at all bad and Welcome to Hell is an interesting piece of Venom history. Add to that, that they may have the coolest logo ever! My personal opinion of course but I really love this album cover. But even if itä’s not musically bad in any way, the sound quality is so bad it’s almost painful to listen to it. Ok, it was made in the early ’80’ and it was legendary recorded in...