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The Mansion of Madness 0

The Mansion of Madness – 1973

Ok, let me share what I read about The Mansion of Madness prior to seeing it. “A mysterious man is sent deep into the forest to investigate the bizarre behavior of the notorious Dr. Tarr. What he stumbles upon is the doctor’s torture dungeon, a hellish asylum completely cut off from civilization and presided over by the ultimate madman. Innocent people have been savagely chained, tortured, and stuck in glass cages, then forced to take...

Slaughter Hotel 0

Slaughter Hotel aka Asylum Erotica – 1971

Slaughter Hotel is also known as Asylum Erotica which might be a better title. There are some murders or slaughter of people going on here but it’s not the main thing about the movie. Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. Slaughter Hotel is about the women in front of the camera. We get plenty of opportunities to enjoy their bodies and their sexuality. To say that there are sleazy moments in this...


Dragonquest – 2009 – Asylum brings Marc Singer

Marc Singer might be most famous for  V –  the series, or Beastmaster. The latter might apply more to fans of cult movies of course. In either case he’s the most famous name is Dragonquest. Jason Connery, the son of Sean Connery does a part as well but I wouldn’t count either of them to the great stars of cinema. Daniel Bonjour does the main part as the chosen one. He is as good an...