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Road 0

Alice Cooper – Road – 2023

So? what to say about former Shock Rocker Alice Cooper’s new album Road? I, for one, have been very anxious to hear this album. Not because I’ve loved everything that Alice has put out in recent years. I would say that the opposite has been true but that is to stretch it a little too far. I think the last few album has been ok, but not great. But since Alice Cooper has put out...

welcome to my nightmare 0

Alice Cooper – Welcome to my nightmare – 1975

Since the previous album, Muscle of Love was the last with the original Alice Cooper group, Welcome to my Nightmare is the first by the solo artist. It’s a theme album of course and I think it’s pretty obvious what the theme is. If not, there’s a hint in the title. Welcome to my Nightmare might also be the definite album that Alice Cooper is most associated with. There is a couple of song that...

Paranormal 2

Alice Cooper – Paranormal – 2017

Is the king of shock rock’s new album Paranormal what we’ve been waiting for? Well, I don’t know. It’s a good album for sure if you’re an Alice Cooper fan. But on the other hand, as a fan you might recognize quite a lot of the material even if you never heard it before. It’s new song but they’re familiar in some way. Not all of them of course but enough to almost create a...

Goes to Hell 0

Alice Cooper – Goes to Hell – 1976

Alice Cooper Goes to Hell follows in the musical wake after the legendary masterpiece Welcome to my Nightmare. The songs seem to be written with the stage in mind and how they could be performed live. It’s theatrical and would fit on any musical scene. At least if you’re talking about rock scenes and other equivalents. But I don’t think there’s any real classics on this album. Of course, we got the main title but...