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Fetish Factory 0

Fetish Factory aka Cabaret of the Dead – 2017

With a title like Fetish Factory, a movie can be infinitely sleazy and get away with it. There’s no way that anyone can miss the sexual innuendos in a movie with that title. And, to be honest, that’s exactly why I was watching it. I don’t usually think that a movie gets better by merely sexual situations of striptease but there’s definitely a relaxing feel to it. You don’t have to think so much and...

Sparks 0

Sparks – 2013 – Another superhero story

Apparently, Sparks is based on a graphic novel that I never heard about. I haven’t really got what a graphic novel really is either if not a comic book. Maybe itäs my age playing tricks on me. In either case, the knowledge that the story will include superheroes and the fact that Jake Busey is in it made me interested. To my surprise, there is very little of both. The background of a meteor that...