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hero and the terror 0

Hero and the Terror – 1988 – a Chuck Norris Gem

I remember when this came out. It was something special and it was mentioned in movie mags I was reading at the time. This was not an ordinary Chuck Norris film. It wasn’t just filled with action, karate kicks and machine gun fire. In Hero and the Terror Chuck Norris breaks down and even faints. He shows himself vulnerable to pressure. Something, according to the magazine never had happened before. Well, I don’t know. I...

Slaughter in San Francisco 0

Slaughter in San Francisco – 1974 – Chuck Norris (sorf of)

All movie actors has done films early in their career. That is natural of course but it’s fun to track down these early roles and see those first parts. Chuck Norris was never a great actor but like many others he managed to create a name for himself in the movies business anyway. If this is because of the roles he has portrayed or his martial arts skills can be debated. There is something about...