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Christiane F 0

Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo – 1981

When Christiane F turns fourteen she tries to inject heroin for the first time. She has previously snorted it and used both valium and hashish. Her life begins to take a different and more decadent path, in fact, her life shatters. Her friends decrease in numbers and she only has one thing in common with the ones she has left – the drugs! But they cost money and where can a fourteen-year hold get money?...

Teen Wolf 0

Teen Wolf – 2011-2017

I was kind of reluctant to start to watch the Teen Wolf series from the 2010s. The reason had really nothing to do with the series at all. But I once saw scenes from the 1985 movie with Michal J Fox with the same name. I never saw the entire movie, just a few scenes, and thought it looked so ridiculous that I just skipped it. Add also the fact that when this movie came...

The Lost Boy 0

The Lost Boy – 1997 – sequel to a child called it

The Lost boy is the continuing story that began with A Child Called It. The first chapter kinda stays in the story told in the previous book. Maybe it’s a little more in-depth than the story that was told in A Child Called it. As a whole, I feel that this isn’t filled with descriptions of physical abuse. That doesn’t mean that it’s any easier to understand how a mother can treat her child this way. And even...