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Detour 0

Cyndi Lauper – Detour – 2016

I’m hardly an expert on country or on Cyndi Lauper but I recently discovered her album Detour and find it very enjoyable. For me, it’s an unusual experience since my frame of Cyndi Lauper references mostly is limited to songs like Girls Just to Have Fun and Time After Time. Both are pretty much ancient by now. Oh, and there’s True Colors, I know that one too. But, as a whole, I have no idea...

Hail to the Chief 0

Bourbon Boys – Hail to the Chief – 2013

When I first heard Hail to the Chief by Bourbon Boys I wasn’t sure if it was a serious album or not. You know the feeling when something is just a little bit too typical for the genre. Something that it right on the edge between serious and delf distanced. I’m still not sure I might add. But after listening to Hail to the Chief for many times more at least I decided that I...