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Anatomie 2 0

Anatomie 2 – 2003 – a sequel of sorts

It’s no secret that sequels often not deliver the same standard as the first in a series of films. In the case of Anatomie 2, the same director as directed the first film was given the job. If I understand it correctly, Stefan Ruzowitzky, reluctantly accepted the task after writing the script.  Based on interviews featured in the extra material the producers claimed no one else could direct his ideas so he had to come back....

The Believers 0

The Believers – 1987 – Satanic Cult of sorts

I saw The Believers under another title in the late ’80s. I was pretty impressed by it but since the title was in Swedish I didn’t know what movie it really was. Of course, I could have investigated at any given time. At least since the internet and IMDb came into my life. After a while, I totally forgot about it too. For some reason, the film surfaced in my mind and I felt that...