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Mick Wall: Metallica – Enter Night – 2012

Enter Night is the rock biography that outshines all others! Admittedly, I haven’t read all other rock biographies, but among those I have, this one is the king! It might sound like a cliché, but putting it down was genuinely challenging. My evening sessions with the book extended beyond the usual few pages before my eyes crossed. Even when utterly exhausted, I found new energy in reading this. What makes it so good, and how...

Youthanasia 0

Megadeth – Youthanasia – 1994

I think the cover art of Youthanasia is the beast of all Megadeth’s releases. That, together with the title pun speaks to me. It’s unclear why the title is not written on it. Anyway, this album came out when Megadeth was in a particularly good place. The previous album Countdown to Extinction was a masterpiece in my mind and I think they wanted to do another album with that style. That’s pretty catchy melodies and...

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11 Favorite Guitar Players

Back in my youth Once upon a time, there was something called Guitar Heroes. This was long before the game by the same name so I’m really really old… Anyway, there was this phenomenon with guitar players that was kinda larger than life with their instrument. I don’t think that this phrasing is around anymore but I might be wrong. I don’t buy juvenile publications any more so I don’t know if there’s something like...

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Megadeth – Dystopia – 2016

Megadeth has been pretty uneven over the years. In earlier years they performed fast thrash metal but in recent years they have slowed down quite a bit. Personally, I like both styles depending on my mood. The important thing is that the riffs are good and that the melodies are nice. Megadeth seems to manage this pretty well over the years. I don’t feel like Dave Mustaine has sold his soul to commercialism as some...