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Blue Beetle – 2023 – DC Super Hero

First of all, I’ll have to admit that I never heard about the DC comic superhero Blue Beetle before. I have never read any adventure featuring him, or it, or whatever it is supposed to be. In the movie, however, it’s kind of a thing that comes from outer space and lays dormant for a number of years until it finds its host. With that said, it is a parasite of sorts. Not necessarily a...

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Green Lantern – 2011 – Ryan Reynolds

I know I watched Green Lantern sometime when it first was released and didn’t like it that much. Somewhere in the back of my mind I kinda recall that not so many people liked it. If that were the audience or the critics I can’t remember. But I see that it was nominated for a few prizes and won a few as well so it coulnd’t have been so bad? I do remember a joke...

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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – 2011

When I was a kid I read comics about superheroes. Those were my favorite comics. Green Lantern was one of them. I cannot actually remember reading anything else. Well, I guess there were the occasional sports comics although I was never really into sports, and still aren’t. Nowadays there aren’t so many superhero comics available in Swedish which is a shame since I miss them. I could, of course, import some in English but that...

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DC’s Legends of tomorrow – What happend to this series?

It’s time for me to rant somewhat about DC’s Legends of tomorrow. I think it started out just fine and it was a very entertaining superhero science fiction series to begin with. Immediately after the first season, I was in some doubt as to how they were gonna continue the storyline. The story seemed kinda ended and they needed something new to keep it interesting. I think they succeeded and Legends of tomorrow was still...