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The Demonologist 0

The Demonologist – 2019

The Demonolist is a movie that I really should like in theory. I enjoy movies where occultism and the war between good and evil can flourish. What I enjoy even more is when angels and demons fight the war partly as divine beings on Earth. I also enjoy the occasional satanic rites that aim to bring evil to this world and to manifest itself in a human vessel. The Demonologist has all that. It’s not...

Marry F*** Kill 0

Marry F*** Kill – 2023

Marry F*** Kill is a TV movie from 2023. Most movies made for TV have, shall we say, a different quality to them. The acting is usually worse, the special effects may not be up to par etc. But I think that Marry F*** Kill is actually pretty good in both those departments. Of course, you can tell that the budget wasn’t a gazillion dollars. But an effective thriller doesn’t need to have a lot...

Hellmouth 0

Hellmouth – 2014 – A Lovecraftian tale

I really had no idea what Hellmouth had in store for me. I know it was a fairly new movie. With that said I feel that I must elaborate a bit. Everything made after like 2010 is fairly new in my mind. I have a little problem with time perception and still think it’s 1983 or something. I’m exaggerating of course. But often I don’t realize that 2014 and 2022 are so far apart as...