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Red Room 0

Red Room -1999 – Long time no see

Red Room has been on my bucket list to see for many years now. I had the chance to buy it several years ago but I thought it was too expensive and since then it seems to have become very OOP. I have seared for it everywhere but haven’t found it for a reasonable price. But then, out of nowhere, A friend of mine actually had it and was willing to lend it to me....

American Guinea Pig 0

American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore – 2014

Do you remember back in the day when Charlie Sheen reported one of the original Guinea Pig movies to the authorities, thinking it was a real snuff movie? If I’m not mistaken, that was the second of the Asian films – Flower of Flesh and Blood. Not the most realistic in the series in my opinion but certainly one of the bloodiest! When watching the first American Guinea Pig movie I can help but wonder...

Evil Dead Trap 0

Evil Dead Trap – 1988 – Not so extreme japanese extreme

I saw this many years ago. But then I forgot about it and what remained in my memory was an extremely violent flick. Sometimes your memory play tricks upon you though and when I see Evil Dead Trap again I’m not that shocked. There are a few scenes that are frightening and there is a few sex scenes with topless women. Most of the sex is consensual but there are forces scenes as well aka...