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Red Room 2 – 2000 – The Sequel

If you liked the first Red Room, chances are great that you’ll like Red Room 2 also. On the other hand, if you thought the first one was lame, you’ll probably feel the same about the sequel. There’s really not so much you can do with the premises. It’s more or less the same thing all over again. There are four people collected in a room to play a game. In the first, we had...

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Red Room -1999 – Long time no see

Red Room has been on my bucket list to see for many years now. I had the chance to buy it several years ago but I thought it was too expensive and since then it seems to have become very OOP. I have seared for it everywhere but haven’t found it for a reasonable price. But then, out of nowhere, A friend of mine actually had it and was willing to lend it to me....

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Squid Game – 2021 – Season 1

Squid Game has taken the world by storm. I think that it has also paved the way for some other South Korean or even Asian series as a whole into the western world. Now, South Korean cinema is not so different from western, and American movies. Apart from the language of course. There are other countries in Asia, especially Japan where the culture is way different and usually comes up with really crazy stuff. I...

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Free Guy – 2021 – Give my liberty or give me death

I think Ryan Reynolds is a pretty funny guy, also so in Free Guy. I don’t know how much of it that’s actually an act since I’ve seen him hilariously funny in several interviews. Does he always play a role or is he really that funny? I don’t know. But it seems to come naturally to him. Maybe he has a huge impact on the script and the dialog in his movies or he’s just...