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The Book of Vile Darkness 0

Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness – 2012

Of course, I realized that Dungeons & Dragons was a concept when I saw The Book of Vile Darkness. But It never occurred to me that it was the third movie of a series. I don’t think it really matters and I didn’t notice anything I needed to know beforehand. It’s probably just the concept holding together the movies anyway. I thought this was surprisingly good acted and I like the special effects even if...

legend of the seeker 0

Legend of the Seeker – Fantasy/Adventure series

Legend of the Seeker was a series that apparently wasn’t too popular as it was aired for only two seasons. In my opinion, there were a few more seasons to be squeezed out of it. Ok, so the initial premise was solved as early as in season one. The Hero, being the seeker, defeats the evil tyrant. But as they squeezed in a continuation with a shoehorn in season two it still made sense. The...