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Clickbait – 2021 – Everything is not what it seems..

Real Clickbait is kinda annoying as we all experienced it one way or another. You know when you find an interesting topic described in some header and once you click it you realize that the content is not what you were hoping for. Clickbait is a very effective way to attract views to your site and blogs. For this Netflix series, it’s not really the same though. Of course, the main story begins with just...

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Girl in the Box – 2016 – Based on a True Story

Girl in the Box is based on a true story. It’s always uncertain how many facts and how much fiction there are in films like this but in hindsight, it seems pretty legit if you ask me. I think that the torture bits are a little toned down though. Maybe not compared to the reality behind the movie but compared to other movie violence. Most of it is kept off-screen and you’ll have to imagine...