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Megaboa 0

Megaboa – 2021 – Eric Roberts

On the cover art of Megaboa, there’s one name and that’s Eric Roberts. That ought to tell you two things. First, of all, he’s the only actor in the movie that has some kind of big attracting name. And Second, the movie probably won’t be much good since his name is seldom associated with quality films these days. An third, well, there actually is a third thing you should realize – He won’t have very...

The Vengeance of She 0

The Vengeance of She – 1968 – An equivalent to Modesty Blaise?

The main reason I searched for The Vengeance of She is that the screenplay was written by no other than Peter O’Donnell! He is, of course, best known for his character Modesty Blaise of whom he wrote several books. I think that Modesty Blaise is best known in comic strip format though. At least it is for me. I have never read any of the books even though I’d love to get my hands on...