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Killing Room 0

The Killing Room – 2009 – who’ll die next?

The Killing Room is one of those movies I didn’t remember seeing. I’m often like that. I don’t remember. Maybe I’m getting senile but the number of times I forget if I’ve seen a movie or not just by the title are really plentiful. When I start watching them I of course know that I’ve seen it before but I have seen an excessive amount of movies in my time that I don’t remember any...

Anatomy 0

Anatomy – 2000 – Creepy German Flick

As I’m a Swede I’m used to reading subtitles. I have always done that as long as I can remember. In fact, that’s the way I learned English in the first place; watching those late night flick on the TV. It definitely helped me to learn how to read in the first place. Nowadays I don’t need any translation help when watching English spoken movies but it the sub title is there I can’t help...