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Death Ship 0

Death Ship – 1980 – a nazi slasher?

I wasn’t really educated enough when I first saw Death Ship in 1980. I thought that the cover art was more or less stolen to the much newer horror flick Ghost Ship. It took me a while to realize that Ghost Ship is actually more or less a remake of Death Ship. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me but it just didn’t. It’s so obvious now. Of course, the cover art alone...

Labyrinth of Lies 0

Labyrinth of Lies – 2014 – A story of Auschwitz

Labyrinth of Lies is yet another movie that I knew nothing about. I became interested in it solely because of the cover and the swastika in particular. This led me to assume that the story-line would be about someone doing investigations about Nazi connections and were led into circles by lies from various people. I wasn’t so wrong. This is basically what Labyrinth of Lies is about. We get to follow this prosecutor who for...

They Saved Hitlers Brain 0

They Saved Hitlers Brain – 1968

They Saved Hitlers Brain has a special place in my mind. You see, when I was a youth one of my friends claimed to have seen this one and also argued that it was the worst film he’d ever seen. I, of course, hadn’t seen it at the time and had to trust his word for it. Not that I had problems doing that but back in those days it wasn’t as easy to track...