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Hate Crime 0

Hate Crime – 2012 – Antisemitism at its worst

I sought out Hate Crime because I saw a documentary about Found Footage movies the other day – The Found Footage Phenomenon. It was an ok documentary but it didn’t bring much new to me. I might write something about it in another post later, we’ll see. But there were a few movie excerpts from different movies to visualize the different kinds of Found Footage movies. One of these examples was Hate Crime, and there...

Labyrinth of Lies 0

Labyrinth of Lies – 2014 – A story of Auschwitz

Labyrinth of Lies is yet another movie that I knew nothing about. I became interested in it solely because of the cover and the swastika in particular. This led me to assume that the story-line would be about someone doing investigations about Nazi connections and were led into circles by lies from various people. I wasn’t so wrong. This is basically what Labyrinth of Lies is about. We get to follow this prosecutor who for...