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Perfect – Short by Jeremiah Kipp

Once again it’s time to write about a short film directed by Jeremiah Kipp. I don’t know how many I have written about by now but it’s been a few over the years. They all have in common that they are very good. They may not be Perfect (pardon the pun) but they all hold a very very high standard. Perfect is no exception to this rule. The acting is really good even it there...

Love Object 0

Love Object – 2003 – a sex doll lovestroy

Kenneth works as a copywriter of sorts. Well, forget that. Not of sorts, he’s a copywriter specializing in instruction books. He’s very good at his job and finishes long before the deadline every time. You could say that he has a pretty boring life and lives solely for his profession. Maybe that is why he’s so efficient and fast when it comes to creating instruction manuscripts. For this new assignment, he gets a new assistant...