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The Moment After 2 – 2006 – Confusing sequel

The Moment After was a movie about people disappearing. The Moment After 2 is a movie about something completely different. Well, not completely different of course as it is a prolonging of the concept started in the first movie. There’s absolutely no record of people disappearing though. It is like that part of the story never happened. Or maybe we were given enough explanation in the first one? The Moment After 2 is more about the conflicts between the government...

The Moment After 0

The Moment After – 1999 – People Disapear

This is a typical example of a movie that makes us believe it’s something else based on the cover art. To me, this looks like an end of the world action flick but once it gets going it’s more about these people disappeared. It’s a mystery from start to finish and nobody knows when really happen. There are different theories to the event though. None of them are really satisfying. The Moment after is a...

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Thor: Ragnarok – 2017 – Another piece of Marvel

Thor: Ragnarok is the third installment in the series. That means that even people like me, that barely saw the comic with this hero, knows a bit of the story and characters. As a Swede, I know a thing or two about Norse mythology though. But I guess that’s really no benefit since they have changed quite a few things in these films. Of course, the main hierarchy is still there. In other words, Odin is...